A father-son bushwalk nearly turned to tragedy recently at Bobbin Head. Thankfully, staff from a nearby construction site were on hand to save the day!

On Tuesday 13 April, Jason Kumar (Assistant Site Supervisor at Total Earth Care) was in attendance at Total Earth Care’s Environmental Construction site at Apple Tree Bay (Total Earth Care is constructing a seawall for NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure & Environment).

Also in attendance were Grahame Stoyle, Matt Kelly, Kane Mirable-Kumar, George Bubalo, Lachlan Kurosaka.

At around 2pm, staff heard a child and then a father screaming from the bush opposite where they were working.

Apparently, the father and child and others had been attempting to walk on the Pipeline Track from Mt Kuring Gai to Apple Tree Bay at Bobbin Head National Park and were stuck on a rock platform.

The child had then slipped down into a small cavity space and his father was unable to reach him.

On realising what was happening Jason walked through the water from where he was and then climbed up to where the boy was and reunited him with his father and the other bushwalkers.

Jason then redirected the whole group out of the bushland back to the road.

Police were in attendance on the ground as well as in a Police Helicopter. The Police Helicopter, however was unable to access the stranded group and had to land at a nearby park. Thankfully, no one was badly injured.

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