Removalists are one of the most requested recommendations, and local company Transitions Removals is one of the most highly recommended. We asked owner/operators, Louise Davis and Zander Peden for their top tips on moving house…

“Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful times in life. It’s up there with having a new baby and starting a new job. But with a little planning and a great team around you, it is possible to make your next move a smooth, enjoyable and exciting one! We are pleased to share our top 7 secrets to taking the stress out of moving day.

1 Plan early

Make a list of everything that needs to happen before moving day. From connecting utilities to cleaning carpets, then systematically start checking each task off. You can download our checklist here to get you started.

Getting in touch with a removalist should be one of the first steps you take in preparing for your move. Booking early means your dates are more likely to be available and means you can take advantage of all available services and advice along the way as you declutter, sort, rehome items and pack.

2 Use your real estate agent’s network

Real estate agents are a wealth of information on all things property, and typically have a great network of tried-and-tested local tradespeople.

If you are leaving a rental property, we highly recommend using your agent’s preferred end-of-lease cleaner, as they will be more accountable and the agent will be able to follow them up if need be so there is less chance of losing any bond.

Ali Pericak of Di Jones Real Estate regularly refers tradespeople to her clients. “Trades we recommend will be accountable to us and as we feed them regular work it’s critical to their reputation that they do a good job. If they aren’t top notch, we won’t refer them again, it’s as simple as that. Their work is a reflection on us too.”

3 Choose a removalist you are comfortable with

These guys are going to be in your space all day so you want to be able to trust them and feel comfortable in their presence. Choosing a smaller local business will mean you are more likely to meet your actual mover and will get a good feel for their company culture.

Look for genuine client reviews and ask about how they care for your belongings. Insurance and use of protective materials such as blankets and plastics are critical.

4 Everything that fits in a box, goes in a box

This is one of our favourite pieces of advice, it really saves so much time on moving day if everything is boxed up in quality removalist boxes. As well as providing protection for your belongings, boxes of consistent sizing and good strength can be stacked and wheeled on trolleys, whereas awkward shaped baskets, lamps, vacuums etc can’t be and therefore take much longer to carry and load.

Using weak supermarket cartons or plastic tubs is not ideal as they can collapse under weight so can’t be stacked high. What you spend on good quality professional boxes, you will save on loading time on moving day.

Make sure boxes are well labelled with room and contents too so your movers know where to place them and you can find what you need.

5 Prepare for settlement day

Simultaneous settlements do add a time pressure to moving day but with a bit of forward planning and good communication, this needn’t be stressful.

As long as your removalists know the time of settlement, they should work the logistics of the day around it, they might start a little later for example and can be strategic about which areas of the house they empty first so the cleaning crew can get to work as soon as possible. Despite the best laid plans, settlement delays can happen sometimes, so be prepared to be flexible on the day if need be and just keep the communication lines open. We have a range of options for clients navigating the simultaneous settlement scenario, the best solution will be different for everyone.

Real Estate agent Ali Pericak agrees “Although having some crossover seems appealing for moving day, it can be expensive and solicitors don’t like allowing access prior to settlement just in case something goes wrong along the line”.

6 Have a plan for children and pets

While small children might not be so helpful on moving day itself and it is usually best to have them looked after elsewhere, keeping them involved can make the process much more understandable for them. Have kids help pack their own room, take the opportunity to teach them about charity by helping in the declutter and donate stage and have them involved in setting up their new space.

Moving day is a big day that can make pets quite anxious. If possible, it is best if they are out or secured safely in a designated out-of-the-way area for the day.

7 Use your time and budget wisely

Many hands make light work, so don’t be afraid to recruit help. Ask friends and family to assist with packing, minding children or cleaning. Just remember that some things are best left to the professionals. Having your breakables packed by your mover, for example, will not only mean they are packed safely to avoid breakages but also that they are insured.

We see time and time again clients doing numerous trips moving small things themselves prior to moving day. What will take you many trips in a car can take minutes to load in a truck. If your time is limited, it is better spent being super organised, ensuring everything is packed and labelled, stacking boxes together so they are accessible by the movers, dismantling beds, cleaning etc. and making sure you are well organised for the big day.

We welcome you to join our facebook page where our clients have shared their moving experiences.

Happy Moving!”

Louise Davis & Zander Peden

Transitions Removals & Logistics

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*Transitions Removals & Logistics is a local family owned business based in Chatswood. They provide a full range of moving services including decluttering, packing, moving, storage, rubbish removal, unpacking and steam cleaning.

Download the Moving Checklist here.

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