Collis Brothers Plumbing is a well established local family business specialised in all type of maintenance and construction.

We have 7 plumbers and 5 apprentices, all living in your area – so you know that when using our services, 1. you support your community’s families, and 2. that it is your neighbours looking after you!

Our Promises:

  • Premium quality services for your peace of mind

  • Reliability, professionalism, high experience

  • Owner operator special attention to every customer

  • Great price value

  • We work for the community, with the community

How do we keep our promise?

  • Highly trained and experienced plumbers, with strong code of behaviour

  • Fully qualified, licensed (Australian standards) and insured

  • Consistent protocols in place to protect your property and to offer impeccable finish

  • Outstanding office services and customer support, with performance reviews and improvement initiatives

  • Efficient job management software for upfront pricing, quotes on the spot, issue of reports etc.

  • Free complementary assessment of your plumbing devices to stay on top of potential problems

  • Fully comply to OHS and efforts in environmental sustainability

We have experience

  • for all types of building – residential/multi, commercial, industrial, education etc

  • all aspects of plumbing – in-house repairs, groundwater, drainage, fire, roofing, renovations

  • servicing private customers or organisations

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or to browse our website

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