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A volunteer group has taken a long neglected facility and turned it into a local treasure – especially for mountain bike fans.

At the back of Wahroonga’s Golden Jubilee Field hides a mountain bike riders’ paradise. Constructed, abandoned and then rebuilt again, Jubes Mountain Bike Park has had a few false starts in life since its first iteration in 2011. Thankfully, keen mountain bike enthusiasts the Underwood family took the park under their wing and fought for its place in the local landscape.

After having its official opening earlier this year, the park is now in full swing. Jubes opened with a bang with the Open Day Jam. Hundreds of riders participated and the crowd enjoyed some input some from very highly regarded judges.

It’s no wonder the park is garnering interest from those in the industry. The facility offers a range of tracks suited to all ages and abilities and aims to promote a love of mountain biking in riders young and old. Opportunities like this are hard to come by so close to the CBD.

volunteers at Jubes Mountain Bike park

Alison and Damian Underwood have been the driving force behind the park’s rejuvenation. With a family of mountain bikers, they saw what potential was being left to waste in the park. Rather than local riders destroying local bush, they made a push to reinstate the tracks.

They’re very pleased with the reception from the broader Ku-ring-gai area, with Council, mountain bikers and just the general community being very much on board with their project. Like anything worth having, however, there’s a lot of hard work involved and it’s very important to note that the park’s success is very much riding on volunteers.

Trailcare is currently the main group working in collaboration with the council at this stage to maintain tracks in the area. Alison was very keen to emphasise however that anyone can help. Even if it’s just 20 minutes here or there, every little bit counts. Putting into perspective, the local youth have been some of the biggest supporters of the park so far. But adult help is desperately needed. If you’re down there with your kids for a morning, make sure you get in touch with Alison to find out what needs to be done here and there to make the park better and sustainable for all.

Jubes Mountain Bike Park

When asked what their dreams for the park are in the future, Alison says they’d love to see anything that can attract “a broader spectrum of riders”. They really want the park to have something for everyone. Currently, their biggest wish list is for an asphalted pump track so some of the younger, less-experienced riders can get some practice in before breaking out onto some of the tougher trails. Funding will need to be garnered for this particular project, but the Underwoods are tenacious. Watch this space, we’d be willing to bet it might be closer on the horizon than you think.

For anyone keen to get on board with helping out with the park, Alison and Damian are more than happy for you to get in touch via the group’s Facebook or Instagram pages (we’ve popped the links below). In the meantime, as Damian put it so perfectly: “come along, say hello to the volunteers, grab a shovel, build some trail or plant a tree, and have a ride!”.


Jubes Mountain Bike Park
Esk Street Wahroonga

To find out more about how you can assist the local Trailcare group and to check on any park condition updates visit

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