Ready to have more fun on the school run? A new program is offering Ku-ring-gai families an e-cargo bike to trial for eight weeks. 

The initiative, in conjunction with Bike North and Ku-ring-gai Council, is providing 30 local families with access to Lug+Carrie e-bikes at 50 per cent off for eight weeks.

According to Lug+Carrie, the campaign aims to empower families to leave the car at home.

“Like anything new, the initial uptake can be slow, but as soon as parents start using the eBike for the school run, we see an uptick in signups,” says Lug+Carrie’s Thomas Treloar.  “That’s what is happening now; there are enough families enjoying the eBikes and talking about it with other families.

“The children are also big advocates, often preferring the eBike to sit in traffic,” says Thomas.

Bike North have partnered to help address any safety concerns by providing comprehensive safety briefings. These briefings cover essential topics such as the correct use of safety gear, responsible riding practices, especially in areas with heavy traffic, and how to handle emergency situations. The environmental impact of e-bikes is also being investigated, focusing on the potential reduction in car usage and associated carbon emissions.

The trial is being monitored by the Ku-ring-gai Council Active Transport Reference Committee. It aims to assess the feasibility and impact of e-bikes in reducing car reliance, promoting physical activity, and fostering a more sustainable transport model within the community. E-bikes, being electric, produce zero emissions during use and can significantly reduce a family’s carbon footprint when used as a replacement for car trips.

“The Ku-ring-gai community vision is for an inclusive and connected community, where our natural environment and heritage are valued, working towards a sustainable future,” says a statement from the Ku-ring-gai Council about the program. 

In a similar trial in Melbourne, 67 percent of families who participated said they planned to ride the e-bike to school instead of driving after the trial, and 37 percent decided to continue using the e-bike on a weekly basis. The participants used the e-bikes not only for the school run but also for grocery trips, getting to work, and family rides on the weekends. An overwhelming 98 percent of families said they would highly recommend the trial to others. 

“The bike has been an absolute joy to ride, especially when it came to tackling the hills where we live that I usually struggle to manage on my normal bike,” said one Melbourne participant. “I loved being able to have the kids on the back and not need the car for outings and daily activities. It was so much fun!”

Participating in the e-bike trial is a straightforward process. Interested families can register online by filling out a short form with some basic details. Bike North will then reach out to you to discuss your family’s suitability for the program. If approved, they’ll deliver the e-bike directly to your home and provide a 45-minute training session on both operating the bike and safely riding with children. The process is designed to be as convenient as possible, encouraging more families to consider this sustainable transport option.

Then all’s left to do is enjoy the school run! 

If you want to learn more about the trial, you can register your interest here:

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