Your next local takeaway meal is about to get a whole lot tastier with our latest list of restaurants offering gobsmackingly delicious food that’ll warm your hearts and tummies. Let’s tuck in!

Burger Hounds, Wahroonga

Image: Burger Hounds

For a juicy burger that’s praised for its quality, look no further than Burger Hounds in Wahroonga. The options on the menu will make you twirl with joy but also have you ordering again and again so you can try something different each time.

Their selection of Life Changing Burgers will get you anything from a Classic Cheesy (it’s all in the name) to The Hound — their MB8+ patty topped with American cheese, streaky bacon, crunchy fried onions rings, a special sauce and more. If that’s not enough to entice the beef lover in you, the Heisenberger is sure to please with its combo of wagyu patty, housemade double truffle mayo, vintage cheddar, pickled Spanish onions and a soft-cooked egg. 

If you prefer a succulent piece of chicken between your buns then the Wicked Chicken menu is your friend. Give Plain Jane some love — it is Burger Hounds’ legendary Southern fried chicken breast burger that’s ‘straight-up happiness’. 

Finish off your meal with a side of hand-cut chips, jalapeno poppers or creamy mac and cheese and ditch the cola for one of their milkshakes. 

P.S. Vegetarians need not worry. The Buzz Lightyear featuring Beyond Meat’s veggie beef patty will absolutely win you over.

Address: 1 Redleaf Ave, Wahroonga NSW 2076
Phone: (02) 9487 1886

Topping Plus Pizza, Lindfield

Image: Topping Plus Pizza

If you have pizza on your mind during the week or on a weekend spent indoors, then get busy gobbling down Topping Plus Pizza. As the name suggests, their pizzas are rich in toppings so you won’t have to worry about stingy slices that barely have enough oomph on them. 

It’s the perfect takeout for vegetarians and meat and seafood lovers alike. You’ll have your classics like margarita, spinach and ricotta, Hawaiian (ham, pineapple and cheese), peri peri chicken and Napolitana (anchovies and olive) to choose from. 

Otherwise, get your belly rumbling with Cranberry Chicken made with cranberry sauce, chicken, pine nuts and brie cheese, or a Seven Meats delight that will give you bites of pepperoni, salami, beef, chicken, ham, bacon and cabanossi in one slice.

Go half and half if you can’t decide between two flavours and get garlic bread or oven-roasted potatoes for some carb-on-carb love. There’s also the option of a side salad and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to ward off any sugar cravings after you’ve demolished the pizza.  

Address: 374 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield NSW 2070
Phone: (02) 9416 2276
Order: or directly through the restaurant

Road to Goa, St Ives

Image: Road to Goa

Ditch the fast-food options for a wholesome meal from Road to Goa — a Goan Indian restaurant that first opened its doors to Newport in 1996 before adding more branches including the ones in St Ives.

It’s the perfect takeaway restaurant for those who want to keep away from the kitchen and relax with food that’s warm and loaded with tonnes of great flavour. Their menu is extensive enough to give you options without making your head spin. 

Grab a few starters to kick off your meal. Some enticing options include prawns dipped in a pickled lime, rice flour and chili batter and then shallow fried; soft shell crabs; tandoori lamb chops and papadi pakodi chaat — lentil dumplings topped with herb yoghurt, tamarind and crispy wafers.

For the mains, don’t skip out on the Goan fish curry, a speciality of the region, or the Chicken Xacuti made with ground poppy and cumin seeds, nutmeg, chillies and tamarind extract. To take a break from meat and seafood, Road of Goa’s vegetarian dishes will also please you plenty. From malai kofta (potato and cheese dumplings with sultanas in a tomato and cream) to classics like tarka dal and palak paneer, the familiar names will keep you satisfied just the same. 

Address: 11/351 Mona Vale Rd, St. Ives NSW 2075
Phone: (02) 9440 0077

El Karim, Roseville

Image: El Karim

El Karim has been serving delicious Lebanese food to residents of the North Shore suburbs since 1976. Their long history is a true testament to their value within the community, with loyal customers coming back to keep the restaurant going strong in 2020. 

Lebanese food is the epitome of comfort and convenience, a takeaway staple in many households tired of eating fast food. In fact, it is also great for vegetarians who will surely be spoiled for choice. 

Nibble on hummus, baba ghanouj or zaatar bread made with dried thyme, sesame and olive oil. Move on to small bites such as zucchini chips, falafel and grilled eggplant slices topped with garlic and pomegranate seeds. Then order one or more of El Karim’s large dishes that are sure to be a flavour bomb. The Lebanese moussaka (oven-baked in a clay-pan eggplant with onions, garlic, capsicum and chickpeas in tomato sauce and topped with breadcrumbs) is always a crowd-pleaser, as is the chicken shawarma. The chef’s specials include lamb meatballs and samkeh batata, a marinated fish fillet that’ll make your mouth water. 

You’ll get complimentary Lebanese bread with every order which we absolutely love to hear. 

Address: 126 Pacific Hwy, Roseville NSW 2069
Phone: (02) 9416 4099

Season Thai Gordon

Image: Season Thai Gordon

There’s no dearth of cuisines in the area to satisfy any one of your cravings. If it’s Thai takeout you’re after then look no further than Season Thai Gordon, a local favourite offering good food at great prices. 

The menu features many of the standard dishes you’ve grown accustomed to such as curry puff, satay chicken, red and green curry, pad Thai, pad kee mao and tom yum fried rice

But then you have a special section that will blow you away with its combination of spices and flavours. Some of the exciting ones we’ve been eyeing are the Crying Tiger (chargrilled wagyu beef topped with crying tiger tamarind sauce); stewed duck with five spices, and chilli jam soft shell crab

What’s more, Season Thai Gordon also offers value meals that will keep your wallets happy. Save $12 on their dinner-for-two set or $25.5 on their family meals. Check out their menu to see what dishes are included in the deals. 

Address: 780 Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072
Phone: (02) 9499 9093
Order: (preferred by this business), or directly through the restaurant

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