The Compost Cooperative is a three-month project to assess the viability of composting food waste in apartment buildings.

The food composting trial is aimed at Ku-ring-gai locals living in units who want to compost food scraps, either by using a compost bin or a worm farm.

food composting

The project is currently being trialled in Ku-ring-gai and the outcomes of the trial will be assessed. Funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority from the waste levy, Compost Cooperative’s goal is to reduce the amount of food waste in garbage bins and ultimately reduce greenhouse gases in landfill.

The current trial could see composting systems installed in up to 20 unit buildings across Ku-ring-gai.

Three months of support will be provided for users to successfully compost their food waste. In return residents are asked to keep a food waste diary, recording the daily weight of food scraps before they are composted and to track their experience through two online surveys.

food composting

How do I join? 

The Compost Cooperative is free to join. Once you’ve joined you must attend an online workshop on composting. After completing this you will be provided with a unique code to order your chosen system through The Compost Revolution.

Use your unique code to order your system and receive a $350 rebate. You can choose either a compost bin or a worm farm.

Once your composting system is delivered and set up, you’re asked to record the weight of food scraps.  A QR code will be provided to record the weight of the food scraps.

They will check in with you regularly to assess your progress and give advice if needed. At the end of the three month trial, you’ll be asked to complete a short survey on your experience.

Who can apply?

You must be a resident of Ku-ring-gai living in an apartment, unit block or town house.

Applications are open to unit owners, strata managers, building managers or members of executive committees. Note that Compost Cooperative only requires one unit to be responsible for the compost system to be eligible for the program.

Applications are open until 31 March and will be assessed for their suitability before applicants receive a voucher to purchase their compost bin or worm farm.

For full details and to apply visit

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