Volunteers will be at local train stations on 15 and 16 June with free doughnuts and advice on how to get started on your net zero journey.

Over 100 passionate residents have volunteered to be ‘Net Zero Champions’, actively spreading the message to other residents on how to reduce their energy, waste and transport emissions and living costs.

Under the guidance of Council staff, the volunteers are working on electrification and energy projects, organic waste reduction and repair & recycle ideas.

On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June from 8:30am to 9:30am, Net Zero Champions will be at train stations throughout Ku-ring-gai chatting to residents about how they have successfully cut their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Drop by and ask a question on Thursday at Killara, Pymble, Roseville and Warrawee stations and on Friday at Gordon, Lindfield, Turramurra and Wahroonga stations. On both days commuters will be treated to delicious ‘Net Zero’ doughnuts while they chat.

Mayor Jeff Pettett said the Council was intensifying its community education efforts on reducing waste and cutting costs by using renewable energy.

“Last month we launched a new website which gives residents lots of useful tips and financial incentives to help us reach net zero by 2040,” he said.

Net Zero champion Alizee Vanderveken said she and her partner had reduced their car use by walking and using public transport, plus filtering tap water to avoid buying plastic bottles and composting food waste.

“Implement one step at a time, stick with it and it will become a habit”, she said.

Another Net Zero champion Peter Horsley says he’s been inspired by the reduction he has made to his bills and wants to encourage others to take action.

“Instead of buying and burning petrol we bought electric cars and recharge them from solar. Instead of burning gas in the kitchen we cook on induction, powered by solar and batteries.  These are upgrades that improve the quality of our lives and save us money at the same time.”


For more information about Net Zero and money saving ideas visit www.netzero.krg.nsw.gov.au

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