Giving peace of mind and allowing new mums to go back to work, Lauren Perett has founded a revolutionary concept for co-working with your little one and it’s called BubbaDesk.

Without a doubt some of the most difficult choices that new parents must make after having a baby are around returning to work and childcare. Tired of having to settle for solutions that weren’t right for her family, local mum Lauren Perrett took matters into her own hands. From her personal experiences, she has created BubbaDesk, a unique co-working space for parents to return to work on their terms, whilst knowing their little ones are well cared for in the same building.

After over 15 years of a highly successful career in marketing and fintech sales, Lauren has always been a high performer and wanted to keep it that way but, as all parents know, babies have a habit of moving the goalposts somewhat. 

“I didn’t prepare myself for the return-to-work journey,” Lauren says, “I was naïve to think that I could perform the same way postpartum as I had prior to having a baby… but returning to work was important for our family both financially, and for my own sense of self.”

Here begins the heartache many families are all too familiar with – the seemingly endless struggle of finding a daycare centre you’re happy with, only to realise that they have insurmountable waitlists. 

“I was struggling with postnatal anxiety. I didn’t want to settle for a daycare centre I didn’t like, and we tried nannies but good ones are hard to find and very expensive. It was all going against my maternal instinct. And then I had this idea in August which I pitched to my husband over WhatsApp and by September we had our first BubbaDesk!” 

Now open in Erina and St Leonards BubbaDesk has so far been extremely successful.

And Lauren isn’t surprised, “This is what has been missing as a concept for how parents return to work.” 

The first of its kind in Australia, each location provides a coworking space whereby you book a desk to work at and for your child to be cared for by carefully selected carers in another space within the same building. 

Just in case the idea itself wasn’t good enough, a key feature of BubbaDesk is that booking fees are also tax deductible. 

“The space is designed to empower parents to have the most productive day possible while maintaining the life balance of being present for your children.”

Lauren is immensely passionate about what the future holds for BubbaDesk. A new location in Alexandria is planned to open later this year after she has her second baby, and interstate plans are on the horizon. She hopes that this will become a truly social enterprise. 

“I have a long-term vision that we will be able to build communities of businesses that will in turn provide further support for our parents and their families,” she says.

For working parents, BubbaDesk may just prove to be the village they need to support and nurture them and their families into a successful return to work.




Instagram: @bubbadesk


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