We’ve all seen the numerous outraged posts on social media about dog owners leaving their dirty dog bags behind. One clever couple, who are proud dog owners, have come up with a simple but clever way to get your doggie doo bag home without having to carry it! It’s called The BAGGR…

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend, but they can also be dirty work – mostly thanks to cleaning up their poop. Proud dog parents and North Shore locals, Gemma and Myles Tainsh, have invented a revolutionary product called The BAGGR to solve the doggy dilemma of poo bags being left in the bush and on the streets.

The BAGGR is a dog poo bag holder, which attaches to your leash so that you can enjoy a hands-free walk after picking up the bag. It effectively makes your dog carry its own doo home!

During lockdown, Gemma and Myles went on many local bushwalks with their 3-year-old whippet, Bartholomew, and wanted a solution to carrying around two, three or sometimes even four smelly poo bags.

They’re hoping The BAGGR will encourage dog owners to be more responsible in their dog poo disposal, as they don’t need to physically carry the poo bag.

“We’ve seen so many poo bags strewn across pavements, placed on fences and hanging on trees and traffic signs,” Gemma says. “We hope to play a big part in reducing littering in our streets and bush land.”

They’re certainly not the only ones who’ve noticed dirty dog bags littering the North Shore area. Posts on social media on the number of filled dog bags left on fences, trees and the side of the path are numerous, and receive a huge amount of comments from disgusted residents.  But there hasn’t been a sensible solution – until now.

Gemma and Myles cut the first BAGGR prototype out of cardboard and tweaked it multiple times before settling on the final shape and design.

“We wanted to create something that would seamlessly integrate into your dog walking routine – small, discreet, and would suit any leash or harness design,” Gemma explains.

The BAGGR is 4.5 cm in diameter with a C clip that can easily be attached to your leash with a carabiner, or on your keyring, bag, or belt loop. Simply knot and slide the poo bag onto the BAGGR and continue your route. Then when you reach an appropriate bin, slide it off and dispose responsibly.

You can get The BAGGR in two styles – clear acrylic or bamboo, and both come with Kraft paper packaging and a clear cellophane sleeve that can be recycled with soft plastics at Woolworths or Coles. For an extra special touch, you can also get it personalised with your dog’s name.

For Gemma and Myles, the most rewarding part of starting The BAGGR is “seeing how much it has helped people. It’s such a simple fix to a widespread problem and many of our customers have referred us to their friends and family.”

In 2022, the pair hope to scale up their home-based business and, “work with vets, pet shops, dog walkers and dog groomers to stock (their) products, to make BAGGRs more easily accessible for all dog owners.”


Website (and to purchase): https://thebaggr.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebaggr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebaggr

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