Post-Covid there will be a number of us wishing to work on our inner wellbeing. A new clinic, helmed by an international expert on the subject, is all about detox and providing our bodies with an instant sense of wellbeing.

The team at new Dee Why clinic Inner Wellbeing has twenty years of industry experience, and approach inner health with the latest treatments and best sourced products that enhance true health from the inside out. Inner Wellbeing offers:

  • Lymphatic Drainage/Pressotherapy machine
  • Colon Hydrotherapy (using the Brunelle method)
  • Infrared Saunas (choice of two types)
  • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Clinic owner and Northern Beaches local, Majella Brennan, knows full well the beneficial effects of detoxifying your body in order to be healthy and re-energise. She suffered for many years with debilitating gut/bowel problems, and at the young age of 20 had drastic surgery losing 95% of her large bowel. However this led to further complications and health problems.

Majella says,

I had tried every other possible treatment known to me to deal with further health issues such as pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, polyps, ovarian cysts, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Her life changed drastically for the better months after trialling the Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy. This was the driving force behind the decision to educate herself in the areas of nutrition, the mind, the body and natural supplements. Fast foward, and after extensive training in the field, Majella spent many years working in the Taringa Health Centre and the famous Hippocrates Health retreat in Queensland. She operated her own clinic in Ireland from 2004 to 2008. Returning again to Australia with her family, she ran her own successful practice in Brisbane, until relocating to Sydney.

The launch and opening of the Inner Wellbeing has been a dream for Majella. Though delayed by government restrictions due to Covid, she will be open for business from June 1 and is eagerly waiting to welcome new clients, and focused on spreading the word about what her clinic offers in the meantime.

While there are other clinics providing some aspects similar to our business, such as Colonic Hydration, none have the same history or experience in the industry. Nor do they offer the same methods of detoxification, which are unique to our business.

Inner Wellbeing Clinic
10/22 Fisher Road Dee Why
(02) 9972 4520

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