Local artist Sheila Tan will share her story and her art on the global TV show Colour In Your Life.

When Graeme Stevenson started his TV show “Colour In Your Life” ten years ago he had no idea it would lead him to travel the globe, be in front of over 100 million viewers worldwide and to receive an Order of Australia Medal in 2017.

“Art and what is does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and souls of all that see it,” says Graeme. An established artist himself, he began the TV show in Murwillumbah, NSW, with the vision of creating a video library of the artists of the world. “I want to create a library of the minds of artists for perpetuity. Imagine if we had videoed the techniques of Picasso or Margaret Olley. Imagine if we were able to access the knowledge of those past masters,” Graeme explained.

10 years on and nearly 300 episodes later, a North Sydney local will be featured on the program.

Sheila Tan creates inspiring portraits of individuals based on a style that can range from realism to abstract, depending on your request. Sheila feels that portraiture has the power to connect us with a compelling, visual story. She also paints abstracts, florals, figures and scenery, based on subject matter that inspires her. She is inspired by simple moments found in everyday life – walking through Sydney, food, roses, scenery and friendly smiles. There is always a story behind her art, and it is often as simple as how she feels that day or perhaps the emotions she’s experiencing during the time that piece was created.

One of Sheila Tan’s art works. Image: Sheila Tan Art Facebook

She hopes to inspire people to create again, feeling that it is essential for our health and wellbeing, especially during the current lockdown. Her art is about the unique path that she is carving for herself, questioning the status quo. Life is like a blank canvas, and it is through the joy of process and discovery that you can paint yourself a life that is truly your own. Through art, she hopes to inspire you to reconnect with your true self, so that you can live your fullest life. Even in the face of uncertainty, you can find inner peace and beauty through creative self-expression.

Sheila Tan (right) during filming of the episode dedicated to her on Colour In Your Life

Colour In Your Life began with filming Australian artists in 2011 and has expanded to filming artists in seven countries, airing on TV networks in over 50 countries, with an audience of over 100 million. Each episode features an artist in their studio, with the series available to be streamed through YouTube. It is an excellent opportunity for Sheila’s paintings packed with personality, putting North Sydney’s art scene on the global map. Sheila’s episode airs on the show’s youtube channel on 6th August at 10:30 AEDT.

For more information about Sheila and her art visit: https://www.sheilatan.com/

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