Meet the local business dedicated to changing the way we think about shopping.

Sustainability seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue at present. One person who has made sustainable and ethical shopping her life’s passion is local business owner Sally Kahlbetzer. She has recently launched her new lifestyle and homewares brand, Onda Home online.

The name Onda Home is one of the most vital pieces of the business. Sally says, “the word onda embodies everything my brand is about”. Drawing from her husband’s Argentinian heritage, onda in Spanish means ripple. For Sally, this forms the ethos behind the brand. “We want our customers to feel good about the ripple effect their purchase can have on the people who made them, and for the planet”.

onda home
Onda Home stocks perfume from Rewild Co., who use recycled or recyclable materials in their production

Sally’s biggest focus point for Onda is that the products that she chooses to sell are “ethically and sustainably created” and that “the packaging is eco-friendly”.

She tells us “I have always been passionate about reducing the footprint we have on our planet”. She also tells us of her great love of philanthropic pursuits. “The idea of combining both of these passions just made sense”. And so, Onda Home was born.

Empowerment is a crucial part of Onda Home. Sally looks to empower producers to “break the cycle of poverty through micro-entrepreneurialism”. She also seeks to empower consumers by helping them to “look beyond the label and take the guesswork out of choosing products that make a positive impact”.

onda home
These Argentinian backpacks are made from recycled materials, keeping otherwise discarded items out of landfill and giving them a second life.

Onda Home itself will also seek to aid in improving the planet, with profits to be reinvested into conservation work and environmental initiatives.

The range so far includes carefully curated items across a range of lifestyle and homeware categories. From homewares and textiles, to jewellery and beauty products there’s bound to be something for everyone. There’s even a range of eco-friendly pet collars and leads available.

When asked if Sally has a favourite product, she tells us that she personally tests everything before it goes online and she loves them all. Some of her favourites at present however include backpacks made in Argentina from recycled grain bags and earrings made in Kenya from recycled brass. She comments “I love the idea that something beautiful can be created from things that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

These bracelets are from Obakki – a purpose lead brand partnering with artisans from across the globe to help create livelihood initiatives for people & their communities.

At this stage, Onda Home is an exclusively online business. We have the inside word from Sally that she is however actively seeking a retail space to start up a local physical presence for Onda. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, or for a perfect gift for that special someone, we highly recommend perusing Onda Home’s range. Not only will you be purchasing something gorgeous and unique, but you’ll also be making a positive change on the environment and the livelihood of small artisan communities worldwide. What a beautiful ripple to make!

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