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The Matterhorn‘s distinctive menu is setting it apart from the crowd — let’s find out why.

Sydney’s dining scene is dominated by Asian food, modern Australian cuisine, Middle Eastern fare, fast food joints and your healthy juice bars and cafes. Not often do you come across a restaurant serving up a uniquely Swiss menu and that, on its own, has piqued our interest.

The Matterhorn’s giving us a taste of Switzerland right here in Turramurra

Earlier this year, The Matterhorn opened its doors to Turramurra to signal a new and exciting addition to its dining scene founded from a passion for Swiss food and culture.

Chef Roland Schai was born and raised in Switzerland in a household that looked at food as an integral part of its daily life and culture. Roland grew up waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries by his mother. Taking his family’s love of food, he trained as a chef in Switzerland and began to specialise in classic European cuisine before moving to England in 1985 and then to Australia in 1990. Roland’s worked in various European restaurants in Sydney over the last 30 years and now, he’s finally decided to live his long-time dream.

The Matterhorn
Meet the chef. Image: The Matterhorn

The chef is running The Matterhorn with his wife Liarne to create traditional Swiss food. A lot of their speciality products are sourced straight from Switzerland, and they work with local suppliers for other produce.

The ambience has a very authentic feel to it with subtle red accents, softly glowing candles and walls adorned with artwork. On Fridays, you may even get a chance to catch a traditional Swiss live music performance to entertain you through your meal.

What’s on The Matterhorn’s menu?

The Matterhorn’s menu is varied in its flavour profile and no, it’s not just limited to cheese foundue! You can start off with a soup of the day followed by a platter of air-dried beef and Landjäger with pickles, a guinea fowl terrine with Cumberland sauce, pan-fried sardines with angel hair pasta, or an Appenzeller cheese tart served with a green salad.

Single serve of cheese fondue with toasted sourdough bread roll. Image: The Matterhorn
The Matterhorn
Pan-fried sardines with tomato angel hair pasta. Image: The Materhorn

For the mains, choose between pan-fried veal strips, crumbed spatchcock, baked rainbow trout fillet, lamb backstrap, pork belly, fillet mignon and more!

The Matterhorn
Slow-roasted pork belly. Image: The Matterhorn

Leave room for dessert. Your choices include black forest cake, a cheese platter, chocolate fondue or apple and rhubarb strudel. Visit here for the full menu.

If you’re keen for a homely Swiss meal, make a booking via The Matterhorn’s website to ensure you get a table. Just remember, the menu may change with season.

Contact details
Address: 1305 Pacific Highway, Turramurra, NSW 2074
Phone: 0412 365 545
Instagram: @matterhornswiss

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