Five local schools have joined the Council’s initiative to reduce clothing waste by recycling unwanted school uniforms into usable products.

The Council joined the Worn Up project in response to the results of a waste audit carried out in Ku-ring-gai last year. The audit found that on average 3% of red bin waste and 3.7% of booked waste kerbside collections was unwanted clothing.

Last year the Council successfully trialled a clothing swap and this year, attention is turning to families with school aged children through the recycling of school uniforms.

Worn Up is the brainchild of the Sustainable Schoolwear and Workwear company and has the backing of EPA and the UNSW Smart Centre.

Worn Up works by installing a ‘pod’ at each participating school for unwanted uniform items. When the pod becomes full uniforms are collected and either recycled for further wear or turned into products including dog beds and even school desks.

Five public schools have agreed to participate in Worn Up – Killara Public, Turramurra Public, Warrawee Public, Roseville Public and Beaumont Road Public.

Each school will receive approximately $1,000 in support from the Worn Up campaign to kick start their clothing collections.

Worn Up’s ultimate goal is to remove 700 tonnes of unwanted clothing from landfill.

Mayor Jennifer Anderson officially launched Worn Up in Ku-ring-gai in December 20202 and said the project was one that all schools could get behind.

“I know the participating schools are very excited about the possibilities of turning clothing into useful everyday items.”

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